Visual Studio 2022 PRO

Visual Studio 2022 Professional
Visual Studio Professional 2022 is the complete development environment that developers around the world know and love. Our first 64-bit integrated work environment makes it easier to work with even larger projects and more complex workloads. Improve your productivity, write high-quality code, and change the way you collaborate with an advanced suite of tools and built-in integration modules to tackle the most challenging development workflows and deliver innovative applications.
  • Build across languages ​​and platforms
    Develop cross-platform mobile and desktop apps with .NET MAUI. Build responsive web user interfaces in C# with Blazor. Build, debug, and test .NET and C++ applications on Linux. Use active reload capabilities in .NET and C++ applications. Edit running ASP.NET pages in Web Designer view.
  • Type less, code more
    IntelliCode is a powerful AI-powered development tool that understands context of your code: variable names, functions, and the type of code you write. It can complete a line or block of code and provide a list of the next best options, helping you code faster and more accurately.
  • Deep insight into your code
    CodeLens displays important insights, such as whether changes, who made the changes, and the types of changes (as if you had run unit testing on your method). References, authors, tests and execution history are presented to guide you towards the most informed decisions.
  • Share more than the screen
    Live Share real-time collaboration sessions speed up edit and release cycles your team's mistakes, regardless of language or platform. Personalized sessions with access controls and custom editor settings ensure everyone's code stays consistent.
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